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    IT infrastructure solutions
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    Virtualization solutions

    Virtualization solutions improve the efficiency and availability of IT resources as well as of the applications that run on them.
    The present hardware infrastructure was built so that only one operating system can run on one hardware machine, which led to a reduced capacity usage of the equipment. Through virtualization the old model is eliminated and replaced by the utilization of multiple virtual machines on one single hardware machine. Thus, all the hardware resources run at their maximum potential, minimizing the IT administrator’s required time for the management of physical machines.

    The virtualization of the IT infrastructure insures a reduction in IT costs as well as the rise in efficiency, utilization and flexibility of the existent resources. Running resources at maximum capacity is determined by the consolidation of servers and also the use in a compatible way of all the infrastructure’s elements.

    Implementation of a virtualization solution facilitates the cost improvement of a datacenter, by reducing the physical infrastructure and improving the rate server/administrator: less servers and equipment means less maintenance costs for power and cooling. Even more the management applications reduce the requirements for specially trained personnel.

    Our virtualization solutions offer the following advantages:

    - Running multiple operating systems on one physical machine (including Windows, Linux and others);
    - Reduction of operational costs with the infrastructure and the improvement of operational flexibility;
    - Reaching the maximum potential of the infrastructure;
    - Greater efficiency and availability of the critical applications;
    - Simplification of the IT infrastructure management.

    With the aid of both, partners and suppliers, Tera Software & Consulting can implement and install successfully VMware virtualization solutions.

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